Video marketing has become one of the popular ways to promote your services. The cleaning industry holds approximately 875,000 businesses and had a forecasted 7% growth rate from 2018 to 2028 as per the Bureau of Labour Statistics. These numbers are enough to say that this industry is facing a lot of competition.

To remain at the edge, marketing has to be top-notch. According to business reviews, people start paying their complete attention to videos as they make the content informative. The US spent 10,228 million dollars (10.2 Billion) alone for video advertising in 2018. These statistics prove the fact that businesses are enhancing due to video ads. You can reach your target audience effectively, in less time. In this article, we will discuss some strategic approaches to video marketing!

1. Time (2-3 minutes)

The maximum attention span of an average person is 5 minutes. In fact, it keeps decreasing as social media feeds are increasing. Your ads need to be short and informative. Use the first few seconds efficiently with a logo and your workers in action.

Start with a strong motive for your cleaning company, like you will provide state of the art facilities and experienced workers. In the video for your cleaning business, it is not necessary to say each service available as it will take time. You can add some before and after videos which prove the skills of your employers.

2. Lights Camera Action

Sounds cliche right? That’s because lights, camera, studio setup, and your tripod stand make the most important impact on the video. If you are shooting an indoor video, make sure the room is dampened to decrease echo and there is enough lighting.

In case you are shooting an outdoor video, just pick the perfect time to shoot it. You may have background music or a running commentary with the video. It is important to have proper lighting which highlights the faces. A high-quality video camera will do the rest of the work.

3. Put Horizontal Stable Videos

In an advertisement, you can add vertical videos and horizontal ones. Focus on horizontal video, when you add it to social media. It will just make you look inexperienced and amateur if you add vertical one. All the shots for the video should be in the landscape version to make sure your video is uniform. You may add some transition animation. They help the viewers to understand that there is a change and that there are a lot of things in the video.

Additionally, while editing the video, you may add some text in the video which forces the viewers to read and focus on it. Don’t forget to optimize the video for all devices.

4. Use Slow-Mo Wisely

Nowadays slow-motion videos are the trending point for the video marketing industry. You may add one or two slow-mo moments, for example when a janitor is cleaning dust. The flying dust can be a crucial slow-mo video. Don’t make the whole video in slow motion. It becomes boringly annoying. Therefore, use the facilities available efficiently to draw more people towards your call-to-action.

5. Strong CTA

End your video by asking your viewers to subscribe, call the company, or download the app to ask for services. Make sure the CTA buttons are present as you speak. You can add other contact details like email or website addresses for more details.

You also need to add a strong reason why people should choose you before asking to contact you. Also, start and end the video with the logo of your company. It will grow your brand awareness.

6. Update Your Ad with Time & Occasions

You cannot have one video for 5 years. You have to maintain your current customers and gain new ones. Therefore, check the response you get from the video and the number of contacts who clicked the CTA button after watching the video. Also, make proper use of special days (Mother’s Day, Women’s day, children’s day, Father’s Day) to create new content. Sometimes people who are not interested might end up calling you just based on the advertisement. It can be funny or motivating or stereotype breaking.


About 50% of all the consumers take more interest when they watch a video rather than reading or listening to an advertisement(because all of your senses are engaged in one single ad). Reliable content, professional cameras, 4K videos, and distinct ideas are what people are looking forward to.

Use occasions like Children’s Day, Women’s Day, or other current circumstances wisely for promoting cleaning business. The video marketing strategies are given for you to improve the quality of the promotions based on what consumers want. We would advise you to look at the video from the consumer’s perspective. Create your video with the budding original ideas in the head!

Author bio

Sandra Larson is a great writer and blogger at EssayOnTime in AU. Like many others, she also believes that video marketing is the best way to promote your services. When you show a video introduction, capture real moments, and actual feedback from people, it is easy to make people believe in your business. She has been writing about the importance of good video marketing.

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