If you run a cleaning business, you know your clients would expect nothing but perfection. Therefore, you should always go the extra mile to maintain a competitive edge over your rivals in the industry. But accomplishing this is quite tricky, and you may need to adjust a lot of your company’s operations to ensure effective and efficient services. In addition, the pressure of growth and improvement can be too much to handle, thereby making it a lot harder for you to excel. 

If you operate a startup or established cleaning business and are stranded on ways to go the extra mile, look no further. Below are several ways to do that:

  • Invest In Your Employees 

While you might be the owner of the cleaning business, you still need the help of your employees. After all, you can’t do everything all by yourself, as with repair businesses such as Eavestrough repair Burlington and the likes. Therefore, you should always take great care of your employees at all times. You can do this in different ways, including; 

  • Personally training new employees to ensure that they know how to deliver the best quality services to your customers
  • Pay them decent wages to motivate them and promote loyalty 
  • Offer refresher training sessions to existing employees 

You must do all this since your cleaning staff are your brand’s representatives when they’re out in the field and interacting with your customers. Therefore, you also should ensure that they are following the proper dress code as this makes your company look more professional. This will be pivotal in helping you maintain and grow your brand. 

  • Ask Questions 

Getting feedback is an effective approach as this helps you identify how your cleaning business can improve services. Feedback should not just come from clients, but these can come from your employees too. Some of the things you should seek to know from these different individuals include; 

  • The motivation behind wishing to be your employee
  • Why some clients are choosing your competitors instead of you 
  • Common reasons a customer decided to hire you 

You can get the answers to these questions by sending out an email campaign or creating a survey. Issuing your clients with comment cards is also an excellent approach. Some of the responses you get might be disheartening, but you can use this information to improve the processes and quality of your services. 

  • Find A Specific Niche 

Not specializing in particular niches makes it a lot more challenging for your clients to identify whether your business is the best pick. Marketing yourself to a broader target audience is also more expensive. 

With this in mind, you should find a particular niche that perfectly matches your equipment, available staff, and interests. For example, you can employ an eco-conscious approach by using green cleaning products. Through specialization, you also get to enhance the quality of your cleaning services and connect with the right group of customers. You may also specialize in cleaning residential or commercial spaces only. 

  • Go Online 

Times have changed. Marketing your cleaning business on TV commercials, published flyers, or newspaper advertisements that might have worked in the past may not be very effective today. Instead, you should consider online marketing as the ideal platform for advertising your business. 

One effective way to do this is by using social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to market yourself. These social media platforms provide you with the opportunity to interact with your current and potential clients. Being on a social media platform is also essential as customers nowadays use them to look for cleaning businesses. Therefore, make sure that you properly customize and optimize the content on these platforms. 

You should also consider having a blog, as this is a great platform to connect with your customers. You can inform your target audience about specific topics that relate to their problems and your business. This helps build credibility and a positive brand image. 

  • Do Things Differently

Outdoing your competitors should always be your primary objective in any business. With this in mind, you should find any deficiencies in your competitor’s services and think of an appropriate solution that can give you an edge. Doing this will help you know how to target your competitor’s clients and convert them into one of your own. 



Succeeding in a competitive industry requires out-of-the-box thinking. If you didn’t know how to achieve this, you can start by implementing the techniques above. By investing in good employees, knowing what your customers want, targeting the right people, and providing services that are not guaranteed by your competitors, your cleaning business can go the extra mile!