Construction work is never a pretty sight. Of course, under professional contractors, the results would be worth your while in the end. But the entire process of reaching that goal might leave you with debris beyond your imagination. And the longer you put off cleaning that mess, the more likely it is to cause serious harm for everyone within the site, especially if you’re not wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or if you’re suffering from respiratory problems.

Oui Clean DMV which specializes in post construction cleaning shares some fo their secrets for you here.

  • Gather Your Equipment

Of course, you can’t start cleaning without collecting every cleaning supply you’ll need. Don’t be mistaken, this isn’t a requirement but a recommendation. After all, some people would prefer not to go overboard in preparing cleaning tools. 

However, by preparing your things ahead of time, you can focus on your task at hand instead of going back and forth to the store to pick up one type of abrasive cleaner after another before you can finish cleaning. 

But before anything else, you might be wondering what you’ll need during this cleaning session. Since you’re doing this post-construction, you can already imagine how much of a mess the site will be. Therefore, it only makes sense for you to prepare various tools and cleaning materials, such as:

  • Soft-bristled brush and broom
  • Mop and bucket
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths
  • Sponges
  • Masking tape
  • All-purpose cleaner, and other basic cleaning supplies

Now, it should go without saying that, while you’re preparing all of those, you must be wearing a PPE to battle the dust lingering in the air. It would be challenging to do so; however, your safety must be at the forefront of your mind when tackling tasks like this.

  • Remove Construction Materials

Once you’ve arranged your supplies, proceed with getting rid of the materials contractors left behind. Don’t throw them away, especially if they still look usable. That way, if you’re ever planning to have future renovations after your house is built, you can use these spare materials for smaller projects in the future.

As for leftovers like plastic sheeting or tape strips, be sure to scope them out and put them away with utmost care. Although, if there are still scaffolds left behind, contact your contractor on what to do with them. If they said it’s already fulfilled its purpose, request they deal with it as soon as possible to get it out of the way from your cleaning.

  • Do Light Cleaning

Although it must be a hassle, the sole purpose behind your decision to do post-construction cleaning in the first place is to get rid of the dirt and dust. After all, breathing in these elements can severely risk your safety. This is what light cleaning aims to resolve.

To get started, what you need to bear in mind is to get rid of any loose dirt. Dusting and vacuuming will be your main tasks during this phase since they can clear away dirt easily and reduce the amount of dust in the area significantly.

  • Target Significant Dirt

Now you’ve removed the dirt’s outermost layer, your next task would be to concentrate on getting rid of stubborn stains. This can be seen from paint splashes that went astray. To remove them, put in some elbow grease in caulking them. The same goes for wiping off stains stuck on any glass surface. Make sure to remain consistent the entire time you’re cleaning any surface to produce exceptional results in the end.

  • Do Another Round Of Light Cleaning

So, you finally got rid of most of the stains and debris within the area. You might dare say everything looks good already. However, before you can give yourself an early pat on the back, you still have to give the place another round of inspection to guarantee its cleanliness. Here, you could apply another layer of polish on different surfaces to thoroughly make sure they’re completely dust-proof. 

To Brush Up

While seeing the result of a busy construction project is always a sight to behold, the gap between its start and the end is typically more chaotic. With debris in every nook and cranny, it’ll be dangerous for you to come any closer to check on the finished construction. Therefore, to make it possible for you to do so, you should hire a cleaning service to do it for you or take the DIY route to ensure that it’s cleaned thoroughly to prevent future health hazards.

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