The CleanMax Zoom 200 gets the job done more effectively and without costing hundreds of dollars more.

Richard Wilson, president of Brittany Maids in Atlanta, Georgia, for twenty years was frustrated with his nationally known, name brand vacuums. His fifteen cleaning teams were equipped with vacuums that he found to be subpar. He was tired of cleaning out clogged vacuums, tired of replacing switches that broke constantly and tired of spending too much money on a vacuum that didn’t clean carpets to his high standards.

“Though we were using one of the most well-known national vacuum brands in the industry, we were frustrated with the poor design and performance of the vacuums we were using, so I started researching alternatives,” says Wilson. “I needed something that was affordable, reliable, lightweight, and could effectively clean carpeting.”

Wilson spent months looking for the right vacuum for his cleaning teams. He researched and tested many other top brand-name models, but they all came up short in one way or another. Then, one day about seven years ago, he was looking through a catalog and found a lesser known brand, Tacony’s Powr-Flite 60 (PF 60).

It looked interesting, so Wilson gave it a test run. “I tested it for eight months and used it for over 600 cleanings in our customers’ homes. It suffered all of the abuses of our other vacuums, and held up exceedingly well and performed marvelously. The PF 60’s design and functionality were awesome. The powerhead was bigger, more substantial and had a wider, somewhat heavier base which lay on the carpeting much more effectively.  It also had a wider throat, so debris didn’t get clogged when it came through the neck. And even though it weighed only a couple of pounds more than then name brand vacuums we were using, it had a powerful motor with a wedge-shape head, so it hugged the floor much better and dug deeper  into the carpet fibers without destroying them. It literally would move itself across the carpet.”

  When he asked his operations manager her opinion, she stated, “With that new Tacony vacuum, any junk on the carpet doesn’t stand a chance!” The PF 60 outer bags were also more durable and didn’t tear like the flimsier outer bags on those big name vacuums Wilson had been using.

When Tacony rebranded the PF 60 as the CleanMax Zoom 200, Wilson was glad to make the switch. Not only did he like the vacuums, but he liked how Tacony ran its business. “Tacony is a very responsive company. I remember when we were first using the Zoom, a bracket was breaking where the handle hooked into the power head. Before I could even complain, and before my next vacuum order was delivered, they’d already redesigned the Zoom to fix the problem. They are very proactive with design improvements and they listen to their customers. That has always impressed us. They constantly work to make their vacuums better and keep their customers happy.” That also makes his Operations Manager happy, because she is the one who does the maintenance on the vacuums. She stated that what she liked about the CleanMax Zoom 200 was that it required minimal maintenance, and was extremely easy to make any repairs if needed. 

“We’ve been loyal to the Tacony lightweight vacuums, now known as the CleanMax Zoom 200, for more than seven years now,” says Wilson. “Side by side with any other vacuum on the market – even those more expensive ones being advertised with all of the hype, the CleanMax Zoom 200 gets the job done more effectively and without costing hundreds of dollars more. It will clean carpets as good, or even better, than more expensive brands. It is one of the best machines on the market.” In addition it also has a gold rating from CRI (The Carpet & Rug Institute), which is their highest rating. Ever since the transition seven years ago, Wilson hasn’t yet found a more suitable alternative than this little workhorse, the CleanMax Zoom 200.

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