Improve window cleaning results, prevent potential accident claims and even reduce your insurance with window cleaning Safety Training at ISSA.
If you are a professional or novice window cleaning contractor and desire to increase the level of safety for yourself and your teams, plan now to attend the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) Safety Training Program on November 8th at the ISSA/Interclean in Orlando, Florida. 

A Comprehensive Program
The Window Cleaner Safety Training Program is not just about one method of window cleaning or one piece of access equipment; it’s about giving you the knowledge and expertise to learn how to think safely and plan ahead for any type of window cleaning you may perform, and it covers the most popular types of access equipment being used today.

If you attend the program, you will learn the importance of creating and using a job site evaluation which includes all the information needed for job site hazard identification. You would also learn how to take this assessment data and put together a written work site plan which contains work around instructions for all the safety hazards you’ve identified. Sample work plans are provided and discussed in detail. You will also learn the importance of companywide communication of site hazards by holding regularly scheduled safety meetings and you will find out what valuable resources can be used to provide the most up to date information to your employees. 

During the morning session, attendees learn in detail the most recognizable safety hazards as well as many that most people just don’t know. From extension poles and ladders, to aerial man-lifts, high rise equipment and fall protection; all safety aspects are covered.  

Learning the Ropes
Rope Access descending systems are the country’s most popular form of rope access equipment used for high rise window cleaning. During this session attendees will also learn how to pre-assess all the industry known hazards and use their written work site plans to identify rigging points and avoid unsafe situations.  All the important training methods and equipment use topics are covered in detail, including specialized rescue techniques.

The afternoon plans allow all attendees to be outdoors to participate in the live sessions. There are plans to have an aerial man-lift on site as well as a tower scaffold for showing students the importance of getting out of a body harness after a fall arrest situation. Additionally, ladder safety will be discussed and demonstrated in detail.

This safety training is one of a kind and the only place a professional window cleaner can receive the latest and greatest safety education is during an IWCA safety and training program.  

Listen to what others who have taken this course have said:

“Just wanted to say THANKS for the Safety Seminar.  It seems like no matter how many of these I attend, I always enjoy it and learn something new.  Keep up the good work.”  Rick Kadletz, Mid-Missouri Window Cleaning.

“I just wanted to drop a quick note and express my appreciation for the quality of the safety training delivered and the professionalism in which it was done.  I truly learned a lot and felt that more than my money’s worth was received.  I brought it back and taught and implemented it right away!!  Thanks again for an excellent job.” 
Kolan Hairston, San Marcos, CA.

“Just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how much I appreciated the IWCA Safety and Training Seminar. I am the Safety Director of a high rise window cleaning company and have taken every safety course that even hints at pertaining to our industry.  

“Even though my knowledge is extensive, my enthusiasm for all aspects of safety needed to be re-kindled.  As I listened to this presentation, I not only listened through my ears but through the ears of my operations manager, the ears of the new window cleaners sitting around  me (animatedly talking to each other after something was said that they had not thought about or they realized they were going to have to change the way they were currently doing something) and the ears of the old timers who probably thought like I did two years ago, that I knew enough about window cleaning safety, just give me the ‘Cliff Notes.’

“The power-point presentation along with the IWCA safety director’s comments, demos and thought out and patient replies to even the most basic questions made for an excellent seminar. I personally would have liked more time.   I for one am truly thankful.” Cassy Huffman, Martin’s Window Cleaning Corporation, Houston, TX

Stefan Bright is the Safety Director for the International Window Cleaning Association and has served in this capacity since 1994.  A Certified High Rise Specialist and Building Access Safety Professional, he is also the OSHA Alliance Coordinator.