2015 dates for ARCSI events and update on capital campaign and new features added to membership
First of all, let me thank Cleaning Business Today for giving me the opportunity to update everyone on ARCSI’s initiatives and activities for 2015. It is going to be an exciting year, one where we are planning to not only provide our members with more services, but one where we hope to “move the needle” on consumer attitudes about the residential cleaning industry as well.

The ARCSI Board recently spent two and a half days sequestered in a hotel room at our annual planning retreat.  The result was several new programs and the revamping and updating of a few existing programs.  We spent a good deal of time discussing how to improve member engagement with your association.   We want your feedback!  ARCSI members will begin seeing more surveys and polls on a variety of topics.  When you receive them, please take a moment to respond.  Our goal is to continue to increase the value of your ARCSI membership.  


Regional Meetings 

We are planning four regional meetings for May and June.  They will cover a variety of topics and be geared to various segments of our membership. 

Annual Convention

Our Convention will be Oct 19-23, 2015 in Las Vegas, NV.  Our headquarters hotel will be Harrah’s Hotel and Casino.  ARCSI Board Member Samantha Snider of ProCare Cleaning and Building Maintenance in Vancouver, WA, and her committee will be planning all of our convention activities and educational programs over the next few months, so if you have any ideas or speaker suggestions for our Convention committee, let us know.

2nd Decade Campaign

Our 2nd Decade Campaign was launched at last year’s Convention.  To date, 39 ARCSI members have stepped up to contribute over $26,000 to the campaign, but if we are going to move the needle we need your help as well.  Our 2nd Decade Task Force, chaired by Past President Brenda Stankus of Classic Touch Cleaning in Richmond, VA, is current working on Phase I of the campaign, which will be a new look, consumer-oriented website designed to educate consumers on the value of hiring a professional ARCSI member cleaning company.  The site will also assist consumers in finding an ARCSI member in their area. 


The Residential Cleaning Connection, Coming to Your Mailbox in April

Our current e-newsletter has an open rate averaging 35%.  The “experts” tell me that is a very good open rate.  However, it also means 65% of our members may not know everything that is happening with ARCSI.  So in this digital age, we are looking at sending our members a direct mail newsletter four times a year.  Watch for the first issue in April.

Mentorship Program Launching in March

We plan to bring some structure to something that sort of happens by accident right now.  Members have told us that one of the best things about ARCSI is the ability to connect with other members to help on issues they may be having in their business.  Others have told us ARCSI has helped them so much over the years and they want to give back, so we have structured a formal “Mentorship Program” we will be launching this month.  This will not be something that replaces or diminishes the intense, focused and excellent coaching and materials our members receive from our many fine Industry Partners, but rather will be more of a peer-to-peer system. 

Thanks to you, our members, ARCSI continues to be THE trade association representing the residential cleaning industry.  If you are not currently a member, visit our website or call our office.  If we are really going to raise the bar and move the needle, WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

Ernie Hartong has served as the Executive Director of ARCSI since 2009. His background includes 25 years of association management as well as jan-san sales.