With the deep of football season upon us, it’s time to pack up, roll out, and pre-game like there’s no tomorrow… that is after review these helpful, environmentally friendly tips!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – that is, of course, depending on the Sunday. With the deep of football season upon us, it’s time to pack up, roll out, and pre-game like there’s no tomorrow… that is after review these helpful, environmentally friendly tips!

Carpool to the game

Huddling together isn’t just an on-field activity anymore!

Your favorite team does it, so why don’t you? Seating everyone into one automobile saves big on emissions (which means cleaner air for our friends in the nosebleed), and you won’t have to worry about losing all your pre-game-partners in pre-game-traffic.

Make fires with all-natural, chemical-free charcoal

The taste alone will beat those vendor hotdogs any day!

Per outlets like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Home Depot, charcoal packaged to include the term ‘Natural Brand’ (or some variation of) is made from environmentally friendly wood sources and plant wastes… and they’re long-lasting, too! This means less charcoal for more grilling – SCORE!

Bring your snacks in fabric bags

The equipment manager has been ahead of us on this one for decades!

Get creative and paint your team’s name and/or colors on the reusable sacks. That way, you can both show team-spirit and save some trees!






Bring reusable water bottles

Make the water boy proud!

Save time and money by taking the reusable route to game-day hydration… and they serve as yet another excuse to color coordinate in the name of team-spirit!

Green up your grub

The perfect way to compliment for chemical-free charcoal!

Go local! Not only do you support your area economy, you all are cutting down on the time it takes to go from field to feast. This is to say your food is more readily accessible to you without large scale transportation by shipping companies, nor does it have to be processed with preserves and other chemicals to add to its shelf life — meat, fruit, veggies, breads, what have you

Strengthen your plates and cups

Stop wasting your time and money with those flimsy, low-grade alternatives!

Look for cups, plates, and silverware (and whatever else you think you may need) made from the likes of corn, sugarcane, and bamboo. Not only are these elements biodegradable, they’ve been proven to hold up stronger and longer than more traditionally made products. This way, you can get that second helping of sausage without fear of dropping it on the asphalt!

Clean up after yourself

You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it one thousand times… but it helps!

Not much to say about this one – toss out the trash and be on the look-out for stadium provided recycling bins. If you can’t find any of those, sack the goods and take them home with you to place in your own recycling bin!

So there you have it, sports fans; the play-of-the-day to keep your tailgate fun and eco-friendly. Play ball!