Infographic: 14 Ways to Control Dog or Cat Hair

How to control pet hair in your home—it’s a problem that homeowners have faced ever since the first wolf puppy wandered into a cave and curled up beside the fire. Whether your beloved dog or cat has short hair or long hair, shedding on furniture, floors, and clothing can be annoying, embarrassing, and disgusting. I have both a short-haired little mixed breed dog and a long-haired golden retriever. My little one-eyed dog, Josie, doesn’t shed as much as the bigger one. But she does leave tiny hairs all over the sofa and on my shirts. My golden, Seamus, poses a much bigger shedding challenge. In the springtime he can leave tumbleweeds of golden fur under tables and in corners. Staying on top of the problem requires a multi-pronged approach, including constant grooming. If you have a similar problem, Castle Keepers House Cleaning has some great suggestions that can help, as well as a downloadable infographic for you to share with your clients. Special thanks to Janice Stewart for her research.

14 Ways to Control Dog or Cat Hair

  1. Brush your pet as often as you brush your own hair! A quick brushing outside or in the garage daily, or a good brushing two to three times a week will cut down on fur bombs in your house.
  2. Washable slipcovers or blankets over furniture are a good idea. Or get leather furniture you can vacuum easily.
  3. Bathe your pet with a tear-free dog or cat shampoo. See this article for how often is appropriate.
  4. Professional grooming every four to six weeks is great.
  5. If you can’t afford a groomer, try minor trimming at home. has some grooming tips.
  6. Frequent filter changes – change your HVAC filters monthly.
  7. Dog bed with washable covers – wash at least weekly.
  8. Vacuum frequently with a specialized pet hair vacuum – Bissell is one brand.
  9. Match your carpet to your pet! – the pet hair is still there but not as obvious.
  10. Lint brushes or rollers – Keep them in your car, in you desk at work and all around your house for quick touch-ups.
  11. Use tape for heavy duty fur removal. If you don’t have a lint roller handy, wrapping duct tape or packing tape around your hand (sticky side out) can help remove pet hair from furniture.
  12. Rubber gloves – wet slightly, rub your gloved hand along the upholstery and watch the pet hair come up! Wipe your gloved hand with a paper towel and just throw the fur away.
  13. Professional grooming brushes – there are many good ones, but Furminator is the brand I use.
  14. Use a special pet hair broom like the FURemover. The rubber surface slides the pet hair across the floor instead of flinging it in the air. I’ll never go back to a standard broom.

To download this list as an infographic click the image below.

14 Ways to Control Pet Hair

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