Helpling offers on-demand booking of home cleaners, aimed at digitising the market for household services.

Helpling offers on-demand booking of home cleaners, aimed at digitising the market for household services. “Booking home cleaning services online will become as indispensable as room rental and carpooling platforms,” says Lutz Ackermann, Helpling Australia country manager.

Helpling, the global platform for booking home cleaning services, has today announced its launch in Sydney. After expanding rapidly throughout Europe, the company has entered the Australian market with a location-based service that allows customers to find home cleaners in a few clicks.

The launch signals the beginning of a new trend in Australian e-commerce – that of the home services boom, which has taken off in the US and Europe and has now made its way to Australia’s shores. As the booking of home cleaners moves online, web-based platforms are expected to supersede the traditional offline market.

‘’Our mission is to make cleaning services conveniently accessible to Australian homes. Helpling puts home cleaning in the hands of every Sydneysider,’’ Helpling Australia country manager Lutz Ackermann said. ‘’Whether on the train or at work, finding a cleaner with us takes only a few clicks. Just like online room rental and carpooling platforms have become indispensable, we are making home services the next big thing in Australian e-commerce.’’

Market potential
The Australian domestic cleaning market is worth $2 billion, according to an internal estimate by Helpling. In the five years to 2013, there was an average of 5.8 per cent job growth for domestic cleaners nationally (Department of Employment, 2014). Looking ahead, the number of households in Australia is expected to increase by 3.6 million by 2031 (ABS, December 2010). Also, the rise in demand for residential cleaning services has resulted from high and dual-income households and progressive ageing of the population (Ibis World, May 2014). The launch of Helpling comes at a time when the demand for home cleaning is booming.

How it works
Customers can log onto and make their bookings. Enter a location, make an appointment and pay securely online. The service starts at a transparent hourly rate of $29. Using sophisticated algorithms, Helpling matches customers with local cleaners in a blink. Customers are also able to re-book their favourite cleaners even faster with their preferences saved.

Helpling headquarters are located in North Sydney, with plans to expand the service to major cities across Australia in the coming months. The company’s global headquarters are in Berlin, Germany, and it is also active in five other European countries after launching in April this year.

About Helpling
Helpling Australia is a fast-growing company based in North Sydney. The company’s mission is to make home cleaning services conveniently accessible to customers at a very transparent hourly rate. Launched in Australia in September 2014, Helpling is an online platform for booking cleaners quickly. The service is also available in Germany, where the global headquarters are based, as well as Austria, France, Sweden, Italy and the Netherlands. Helpling is supported by Rocket Internet, the world’s largest internet incubator.