Properly cleaning hardwood floors will help them last for years to come.

Hardwood floors are beautiful, durable and can add a compelling aesthetic to any building. A properly installed and finished floor can withstand high levels of foot traffic and action, yet care and maintenance is a critical component in getting the most life out of a hardwood floor. Here are a few steps to keep hardwood floors looking pristine.

Do the research: Know the type of wood and ideally the type of finish on the floor. This will go a long way in ensuring the proper tools and products are used to maintain the floor. Unsure of the type of wood or what’s on the floor? Most hardwood flooring experts will offer consultations to assess the materials used on the floor and can advised the best way to care for the floor.

2)     Have a plan: A regular, ongoing cleaning routine will go far toward keeping a floor beautiful and long-lasting. The simple act of dust mopping a floor will prevent slip hazards and help keep dirt and dust off the floor. It will also make cleaning at the end of the day faster and easier. Additionally, implementing a regular cleaning regimen with the proper tools will address any tough spots and keep the floors dirt-free.

3)     Use the right tools: Investing in the right tools is a core component to extending the life of hardwood floors. The proper microfiber cleaning and dusting pads and mop will go a long way in keeping a hardwood floor beautiful and durable. Additionally, be sure to use a cleaning solution specifically formulated for hardwood floors. All-purpose cleaners and hard surface cleaners are not only too harsh for hardwood floors but will also dull the finish and leave residue behind (which can be a slip hazard). When using a cleaner concentrate but sure to use the recommended mix or balance of water vs. cleaner. The wrong mix of water and cleaner may do more harm than good.

4)     Be proactive: Simple, inexpensive floor mats at key entry points to the floor can make a tremendous difference. Catching dirt, mud and dust before it ever gets to the floor will not only save cleaning and maintenance time but it will also prevent damage to the floor such as scratches and ground-in dirt. Daily vacuuming of these floor mats is another quick and easy way to keep dirt off the floor. Make sure to clean the vacuum air filters to keep remnant dust out of the air (that could end up back on the floor).

5)     Know when to refinish: Every floor will eventually need a new coat of finish. Plan and build your budget and maintenance schedule to refinish the floor according to the wear and tear. A high use floor might need a new coat of finish once a year while a floor with less traffic could go for a few years. It’s always better to err on the side of caution and refinish more often. Waiting too long will be costlier and could damage the floor.

Wood floors are a beautiful and durable addition to any building. Today’s hardwood floors are not only functional but can be artfully designed and painted to reflect any aesthetic. Properly cleaning hardwood floors will help them last for years to come.

Author Bio: Dave Posey is National Sales and Market Manager for Bona’s JanSan division. Bona is the first in the industry to offer a full system of hardwood floor finishing, maintenance and care products specifically formulated for the unique needs of hardwood floors. For more information, visit


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