Fleet Tracking Device
According to GPS Business News, the demand for OBD devices is growing. They note that ABI Research is anticipating an increase from 9.5 million subscribers this year to 117.8 million in 2019. That information isn’t surprising. The need for quality data to ensure that your fleet is running as efficiently and safely as possible is always important. OBD fleet tracking devices are easy to install (who doesn’t have 30 seconds?) and relatively low cost (right now we have the fleet tracking device pictured to the right on sale for as low as $59* – $109* each!).

OBD fleet tracking devices have the ability to give you turn-by-turn tracking for the data precision that you need. You can even start tracking within minutes of receiving your device! With the latest technology, it now couldn’t be easier to track your fleet, and easily identify where your fleet is succeeding and where there is room for improvement. Are your drivers speeding? Are your vehicles where they need to be and on time? If one of your vehicles is stopped somewhere, you’ll know and can check with the driver to see if they need assistance.

Fleet managers are realizing that they could be saving thousands of dollars per year on fuel costs, insurance rates and bogus payroll expenses. Companies like Rhino Fleet Tracking even offer free trials and no contracts so that you have the opportunity to see if the technology works for you. You don’t have control over fuel prices, but you do have control over the routes your vehicles take, idling and unauthorized vehicle use. The statistic noted in GPS Business News goes to show that many managers are realizing that the benefits of OBD devices clearly outweigh the costs. Don’t you want to take charge of your fleet, too?
FLEET TRACKING DEVICE – Can OBD Devices work for your Business?

Want to learn more? Check out our demo. If you’re interested in an OBD fleet tracking device (or a few), check out our products page or give us a call and we will gladly answer your questions and get you on your way to greater efficiency! you can also visit our site http://www.rhinofleettracking.com/ for further information.


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