Sheri-Anne Woolley gains great new worker and helps get her back on her feet.
ARCSI member and Foundations of Success graduate Sheri-Anne Woolley, owner of Mona Home and Office Cleaning just outside of Toronto, Canada, is being hailed as a hero for her role in helping to re-employ workers who lost jobs after Goodwill Toronto filed for bankruptcy.

“I saw [Raphelia] on Global News, and I couldn’t believe that this was happening,” said Sheri-Anne Woolley, wo runs her own eco-friendly cleaning business called Mona Home and Office cleaning, and added that she had been through a similar situation in the past.

“I had lost my job but knew this could be a stepping stone to something better. And I saw the passion and the way she spoke – I thought, this is someone I can help.”

In addition to employing Raphelia, Woolley has also helped her catch up on back rent to ensure that she can retain her home for herself and her three grandchildren, whom she raises.