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Leaders Defining Leadership: Cleaning Business Owners Sound Off!

Cleaning industry leaders talk about people, places, and mistakes on their leadership journeys.The cleaning industry – in fact, all industries – abound with leaders. Cleaning Business Today has been privileged to feature some of them in our Success Stories column in the past year, and we look forward to continuing to do so. A leader is too [...]

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Trending for Cleaning Business Success in 2014

In an uncertain business environment, key business moves to improve your marketing in 2014Since cleaning businesses find success in areas with high concentrations of their target consumer, it should be no surprise that the “urban uprising” identified by Moen’s department of consumer and market insights is a good thing for the growth of the residential [...]

By |2013-12-09T13:57:28-05:00December 9th, 2013|Leadership, Sales and Marketing, Technology|

2013 Cleaning Convention Recap: Networking, Synergy, and Landmarks

What you gain attending the annual cleaning convention is priceless. Taken together with the four associations who gathered in Las Vegas in November, the industry trends, association initiatives and major awards were uniquely uniting for the cleaning industry.If ever there was proof that the cleaning industry is strong, large, and growing, the evidence could be [...]

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Cleaning Up Your Networking Plan for Convention

Networking – like any other business activity – requires a plan, measurement, and correction/improvement if you’re to be successful at it. With over 16,000 people to meet at the annual ISSA/INTERCLEAN Trade Show and associated conventions for ARCSI, BSCAI, and IEHA, your post-convention tasks can stack up pretty quickly. It’s easy to get bogged down [...]

Case Study: Handling Sexually Explicit Incidents

How should you respond when your employees encounter sexually explicit situations? Our experts examine three real-life incidents and weigh in on how a Houston cleaning business owner handled them.The Backstory Julie Parish has owned a successful cleaning company, The Home Keepers, for more than 18 years. Her business is located in Houston, Texas. Recently, her [...]

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And the Toxie Goes To…

Physicans Battle Toxic Cleaning Chemicals with a Hollywood TwistFor four years now, Californians for a Healthy Green Economy (CHANGE) and Physicians for Social Responsibility - Los Angeles (PSR-LA) have grown their multi-media campaign “The Toxies” to educate consumers about the hidden yet pervasive toxic chemicals that surround us every day at work, in the home, [...]

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PC Tips: Clean Up Your Deskwork with Keyboard Shortcuts

Like cleaning, computing with both hands saves time!If you've taken Bruce Vance's IICRC House Cleaning Technician certification class, then you're well acquainted with the best practice of cleaning with both hands to reduce time and improve efficiency...both of which ultimately help your bottom line. If you do the same at your keyboard during your desk [...]

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Beware "The Cleaning Fairy"

New method for getting new clients isn't exactly legal.For a little over a year, independent house cleaner Susan Warren has been breaking into empty homes, doing some light cleaning, and leaving a bill. Her philosophy: many homeowners just don't know how good it can be to have a house cleaner, so she feels they need [...]

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There’s no such thing as a “green” disinfectant, says the EPA

There's no such thing as a "green" disinfectant, according to the EPA. Disinfectants are designed to kill and so do not meet "green" expectations.There's no such thing as a "green" disinfectant, according to the EPA. Disinfectants are designed to kill and so do not meet "green" expectations. Except for the EPA-established TANCS system used exclusively [...]

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Being “Green” and “Eco-friendly” is More than Changing Your Cleaning Products

If you aren’t currently, I encourage you to follow one of the most direct and least “catty” discussions on LinkedIn about “green cleaning solutions.” A simple question on the ISSA-The Worldwide Cleaning Association board started it: Any recommendations for a “green cleaning solution”? There are so many different types of cleaning solution products out on the market [...]

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