How we make a mistake when we don’t invest in our employees
If a car manufacturer spent most of its time trying to find and sell to customers, and almost none on its product, what kind of quality would you expect in a new car? I’m sure some of you may take issue with me on this, but it seems that we as cleaning business owners often spend our time on the wrong things. To hear more, play the video below.

It’s no secret that cleaning companies are having a tough time finding and keeping good employees these days. Are you hiring the right people? Are you losing the best ones? Do you keep employees you really should fire? Are bad attitudes poisoning your company culture? We can help! Join Tom Stewart and Liz Trotter in Portland, Oregon on Saturday July 15, 2017 for Summer Growth 2017. The day will be packed with the information you need to grow your business. The seminar takes place at the new Castle Keepers of Portland. This one-day shock treatment seminar could jolt your business into dramatic growth.

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