Recent data indicates that fewer Facebook users are following business, celebrity, and fan pages, and that can affect your social media marketing strategy.

Recent data from Facebook indicates that at their peak, business and fan pages on Facebook reached only 20% of their fans and friends of fans combined. Today, peak reach might be 9% of their fan base, though most reach closer to 3%.

The average cleaning company in the US has about 150-300 followers, making the average raw number reach between 3 – 30 individuals.

But it’s not everyone who’s falling into this “dead zone”; pages with regularly and actively engaged users enjoy far more reach and success gaining new “non-customer” followers. The trick these days is that Facebook is now a “pay to play” commercial platform. FREE isn’t going to cut it if you are counting on Facebook to extend your reach.

Whether you pay by buying prizes or “gifting” services to give away as an incentive for fans to share and comment OR you straight-out pay for sponsored posts or ads, Facebook is no longer free advertising for even the small business owner.


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