With February’s Foundations of Success Jump Start event rapidly approaching, Tom, Derek and Liz have sweetened the deal with the Drawing of the Year.

On the Ground, On the Job, At Your Place

Who: One company attending the February 2018 Foundations of Success Jump Start event will win. The drawing is open to new attendees and Foundations Alumni.

What: Tom, Derek or Liz will come to your business for 3 days and 2 nights to help you solve your most vexing business issues. The drawing is for an upgrade to your registration for Foundations Jump Start.

When: Deadline for entry is January 15, 2018. Drawing takes place January 18, 2018. The site visit will take place within calendar year 2018.

Where: The drawing will take place at The Mansion on the Isle of Palms. The site visit will be at your place of business (in the continental US).

How: You must register for Foundations Jump Start as either a new member or Alumni. You’ll automatically be entered into a drawing.

How Much: You pay nothing for the site visit. As a stand-alone service we usually charge $3,500.

Chances of Winning: Here’s where the deal gets really sweet. The maximum number of companies attending Foundations is 16. At worst, you’ll have a 1 in 16 chance.

5 New Modules!

We have a total of 5 new modules for 2018 Jump Start!  

#1 Foundations Formula for Success – Everyone will leave with their own customized formula that will be created from the CBB Profit Triangle: Bill rate per hour> Pay rate per hour> Efficiency factor
#2 Industry Specific Accounting Module to include benchmarks, chart of accounts, etc.
#3 Adwords Marketing 2018
#4 Facebook  Marketing 2018
#5 Email  Marketing 2018

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