Appealing to their sense of independence with helpful content often shows clients the path to professional cleaning.

The role of content marketing in the overall strategy often feels like a slippery slope:

Offer advice that is too good, and you may lose clients who can get good cleaning information for free and do it themselves.

Offer advice that isn’t good enough, and you risk giving the impression that you don’t know what you’re doing.

But there is a middle ground, especially for your clients who are tech-happy. You know, the ones who use their mobile phone or tablet for everything! Have a look at some of these iPhone apps full of cleaning tips and consider recommending one for the light upkeep and surprise disasters between cleanings:

  1. Useful Cleaning Tips ($0.99)
  2. Cleaning Manual
  3. Rumgr
  4. Good Housekeeping @Home
  5. HomeRoutines ($3.99)
  6. Clean Freak Cleaning Schedule ($0.99)
  7. Green Shine ($2.99)
  8. Chore Hero ($2.99)
  9. Custome Hypnosis: House Cleaning Edition ($1.99)
  10. Cleaning Checklist ($1.99)

And remember, your value is in your knowledge beyond these resources and especially your ability to create an experience these apps can’t duplicate.



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