New feature on will help owners choose cleaning products and equipment.

Hey cleaning business owners, this is Derek Christian with Cleaning Business Today. I want to tell you about a new feature that we’re launching. Every single week we are going to be reviewing a product, tool or piece of software to help you run your cleaning business. We are going to do this on our YouTube channel, our Facebook group and here on our website, Most of the time the reviewer will be me. Sometimes I’ll have guests on. We’re going to categorize the products. We’re not going to get too negative unless there really is something wrong, but instead try to talk about what products are good for so you can figure out which ones you want to carry. The first product review will launch this week. We look forward to sharing this new product review feature with you. If you have a product or a category you think we need to review, please put those suggestions in the comments below the YouTube video. Thank you.