The March issue of CBT focuses on leadership.

Merriam-Webster defines leadership as “the power or ability to lead other people.” I find this definition less than useful, but I’ll take it as an affirmation that leadership is an abstract concept that is difficult to describe, much less achieve.  No one should argue that leadership is a necessary component of successful cleaning companies. Discussions on leadership often include one or a number of organizational concepts such as vision, strategy, culture, motivation, engagement, and teamwork; no softballs here.  Suffice it to say achieving excellence in any company or organization is not easy, and it won’t happen without this thing called leadership.


Leadership is a difficult concept to put into action, which is problematic for anyone in a leadership role, especially for those who carry the title of Owner or CEO.  Ultimately it is the leadership provided by the CEO that determines who is a client and what should they expect, or who is an employee and how they should be motivated.  The good news is that, as CEO, it is up to you to make your company what you want it to be; the bad news is that, if you are not happy with the outcome, you can blame only yourself.


This is CBT’s leadership issue. Take this as an opportunity to evaluate your performance as a leader. While it is not easy or simple, I believe that those who invest the time and energy in becoming the leader their company needs them to be will gain the most benefit for everyone–their employees, their community and themselves. I hope that this issue will be helpful in that journey.