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You Could be Thrown Out of the Game for Good!

Winding Up in the Penalty Box with the IRS Will Cost You More than 2 Minutes.Every time I hear so-called "experts" or misinformed consultants suggest that cleaning business owners can or should hire their workers as 1099 independent contractors - I literally cringe!  This is not only bad advice, it is advice that could potentially [...]

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Clients versus Customers

Is it just semantics or is there a difference? Which do you want to cultivate?Most people use these two terms interchangeably.  In fact, both terminologies refer to consumers of goods and services. However, the subtle differences in meanings are extremely important in our industry.  Yes, both of these expressions refer to people who pay other [...]

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A long time ago I concluded that there are people who win and those who fail, regardless of the economy of the any given era.There is an old adage that says, "We are what we think about all day long." Over more than 5 decades, I have seen both extremes in the economy - euphoric booms [...]

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Putting clients' price negotiations in reverse.The Achilles heel of many cleaning services is dealing with clients who want to negotiate price. If the client detects for one second that you are uncomfortable responding to her challenge on your price, you have an uphill battle. Very often it's not what you say verbally in response to [...]

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Are You Throwing Money Away Every Day?

DISCOUNTING YOUR PRICE IS TABOO - plain and simple.Many cleaning businesses have a habit of advertising "discount specials" or negotiating lower prices when their prices are challenged by potential clients.  If you have viewed and studied my program or spoken to me about this subject, you know my thoughts on this topic as it applies [...]

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