Taking these breaks – about 10-15 minutes in total each day – will help to improve your productivity and your energy levels.

Has your day just started and you’re already tired? Is it 2 pm in the afternoon and the thought of 3+ more hours of work makes you weak? You’re not alone! Statistics show that when we don’t take breaks during the day (especially lunch), our productivity dives by a huge margin – upwards of 75%.


If we don’t stop and refuel, our body is literally running on empty. Our greatest source of nourishment is oxygen! Proper breathing oxygenates the blood, stimulating and massaging the brain, creating focus, clarity and alertness, thereby creating increased productivity. So feed your brain (and your belly) and see increased success in all areas of your life!

Here are two simple, easy and quick Breath Breaks you can take throughout your day.


Stop, sit, relax, get comfortable…and take slow, full, deep breaths.

INHALE through your nose (if possible, otherwise through pursed lips, like you’re gently blowing out candles), then. . .
EXHALE slowly through your mouth, lips softly pursed. Make sure to really fill your belly (abdomen) on your inhale and fully empty it on your exhale, gently pulling your abdominal muscles toward your spine. 

Become aware of your body relaxing as you move through this exercise. Let each cycle of breathing bring greater ease as you release tensions from your jaw, shoulders, lower back, hands, feet, chest…anywhere you experience tightness.

Repeat this cycle 10 times per sitting.

2. THE EQUALIZING BREATH (Provides energy when tired and calms you down when you’re stressed)
Stop, sit, relax, get comfortable…and breathe:

INHALE (through your nose) to the count of 4
HOLD to the count of 7
EXHALE (through pursed lips) to the count of 8 
Repeat this cycle 4-8 times each time you stop to breath.

Taking these Breath Breaks – about 10-15 minutes in total each day – will help to improve your productivity and your energy levels. Try it for just one week and see how you feel. Start right now!

Rebecca Spath, CSC, MBP, AHT is a transformational life and wellness coach and Breathwork practitioner. Rebecca works with business owners and entrepreneurs in the greater New York City area through her studio Breathing Room Therapies.