Are you motivated to lead? This assessment helps you find the answer.

You’re an awesome cleaning tech with great relationships with your clients. That’s how you got your business started and growing, right? So many people want what you can give them that you have to hire folks and become a leader of a great cleaning team. But that transition isn’t natural and isn’t easy. 


Take this Leadership Motivation Test from MindTools to see where you are right now in your comfort as a leader. You’ll get a score that will help you see where you are on the low – uncertain – strong motivation to lead scale:


Score Comment
14 – 27 This implies a low motivation to lead.
28 – 55 This implies some uncertainty over your motivation to lead.
56 – 70 This implies a strong motivation to lead.

Know where you’re starting from. That way you can best decide if you need to invest in a business coach to really prod you into your role as a leader or if you’re ready to graduate to a business mentor relationship for someone who’ll really challenge you to become the best leader you can be!