Love It or Hate It? Vote in Our Technology Survey

Our very first “product survey” focused on Field Service and Scheduling Programs used primarily by residential cleaning services, and in the past two years, the options have increased by more than 10x. The rise of on-demand services has opened new opportunities both for all-in-one systems to focus development and upsell clients and for apps and open APIs to empower cleaning businesses to craft custom solutions tailored to the unique way they do things.


But now we’re asking you directly – the cleaning business owner and manager and technician – what you’ve used in the past that you hated and especially what you’re using now that you love. Our May survey focuses on technology you use to streamline your operations and managing quality:

  • Financial and Accounting Systems/Software
  • Payroll System or Service
  • Job Scheduling and Management System
  • Location Tracking System
  • Time Tracking System

Voting for the Best of Technology Awards closes May 26, 2015 at midnight EDT. Award winners will be announced in June.