Watch out for this email scam that has you paying bogus contractors on the client’s behalf

There are several variations of the scam below going around, an example of which that was sent to my company is below. NEVER pay money to a third party on the behalf of a client. Sometimes they will pay by check and other times they will pay by credit card but in every case the check or credit card is stolen. The payment may clear at first, but once the rightful owner figures it out they will dispute the charge. The money will be removed from your account and there is nothing you can do to stop it. You will also get a bounced payment fee. As a result you may bounce some payments of your own. The scammer is counting on you paying their mover, painter, handyman, etc., before you discover the payment is a fraud. A real client needs to pay their contractors directly. If anyone asks you to do so on their behalf, then know they are probably trying to scam you.


I just want to let you know that you are considered to be our house cleaner for, at least, one month. You will be responsible for general cleaning of hallways (Dusting, Vacuuming and Mopping), doors, windows, pick up trash in common areas, sweeping, changing and fixing of light bulbs etc.

You must be able to climb a ladder and lift up to 25lbs and all the cleaning supplies will be provided.  You will be working for 2Hrs in a day and 3 days in a week, at the rate of $500 per week, meaning you will be earning a total sum of $500 weekly.

In order for you to know how serious we are about this, we will be sending you an upfront payment for the first week (Half of it $250 will be made) via a bank official check issued by my financier and will be mailed to you via courier service. The house is a 4 Bedroom 2 bath unfurnished duplex and I have made an arrangement with a painter to paint interior of the house. Therefore, you’ll be working with the painter in cleaning of the house in general.

My financier will include the cost of all expenses in your check. My financier will mail the payment as soon as I give him the instruction to do so. The payment you will be receiving will be for your one week pay in advance and the rest will be transferred to the painter coming to paint the house. The keys to the house are already with the painter and you will be duly informed on arrangements made to get inside the house by the painter when all arrangement are completely made.  I believe both of you can work together to make the house as clean as possible and also, I will send you the phone number of the painter in other to set up a date and time for your meeting.

Fill out the information below so that my financier will issue out the payment asap:

Full Name:
Mailing Address (Not P.O. Box)
City, State & Zip Code:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone (COMPULSORY):
Possible Working Hrs:

IMPORTANT: Must be frequent in checking emails quarterly hours.

Kindly let me know if the arrangement is okay with you and I believe you will be at your best in cleaning the house for me and my family.

Warmest Regards.

Derek Christian has been involved in the cleaning industry for more than 20 years and is an owner or investor in several cleaning companies.  Derek founded My Maid Service which was later merged into Blue Skies Services and now he works with Castle Keepers in various marketing and sales Capacities.


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