Officers mistook a cleaning technician for a school burglar while investigating a random open door into the school.
The lesson for cleaning businesses: it’s a great time to refresh your techs on their safety training in general, specifically the entry and exit protocols for each job site, and protocol for responding to law enforcement while on the job.

Juana Raymundo, the night janitor for Ooltewah Middle School in Tennessee, remains charged with burglary and fleeing the scene of a crime.

The officers were investigating after seeing an exterior door open to the school. Raymundo ran from the officers, who pursed and used their taser to subdue and arrest her.

Authorities later confirmed that Raymundo works for the cleaning agency who staffs the janitorial services for the school and that Raymundo has difficulty understanding both English and Spanish.

The local authorities continue to pursue Ms. Raymundo as a burglary suspect even as legal experts have challenged their practices and details of their reports. No update has been published since her expected court date on March 2, 2016.