Professional cleaning is all about metrics, which can help evaluate cleaning and cleaning procedures
Omaha, NE – CleanCore™ Technologies, manufacturers of aqueous ozone cleaning systems, has just become a training supporter of Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools® (PC4HS). 
PC4HS, a 501c3 nonprofit, teaches cleaning workers best practices so they can clean schools more effectively, thoroughly, and enhance the learning environment. The process optimizes efficiency and includes a documented system tailored for K-12 school districts and higher education.
“We are very impressed with all that PC4HS has accomplished in the past 10 years for our schools,” says Matt Montag, Distribution Sales Manager for CleanCore.  
“Because aqueous ozone has proven to be so effective at cleaning with essentially no impact on the environment, we believe our association with this organization is a perfect match.”
According to Rex Morrison, developer of the Process Cleaning program, professional cleaning is all about metrics, which can help evaluate cleaning and cleaning procedures. Typically referred to as key performance indicators (KPIs), the five metrics Morrison is referring to are:

  1. Appearance metrics
  2. Customer satisfaction metrics
  3. Fiscal metrics (cost issues related to cleaning)
  4. Sanitizing metrics
  5. Health metrics.

Says Morrison, “These five metrics affect [the cleaning of] educational facilities of all types, help define quality end points, and embody goals to work toward.”
While PC4HS does not endorse products, companies, or manufacturers, they do welcome organizations to become training supporters that endorse the goals of PC4HS as well as focus on improving cleaning, custodial training, as well as protecting health and the environment.
“Because educational facilities is one of our primary market sectors, we look forward to all we can do to enhance cleaning, the health of schools, and improve the learning environment for our kids,” adds Montag. “We expect to learn a lot by partnering with PC4HS and hope to help them meet their goals and advance professional cleaning.”
About CleanCore™ Technologies
CleanCore™ is an innovative cleaning technology that infuses cold water with ozone gas to create aqueous ozone, a natural and robust cleaning solution. Along with being effective, ozonated water is viewed as a more “natural” cleaning agent because ozone is naturally found in the atmosphere. This form of no-chemical cleaning is often referred to as “one step beyond green cleaning” because there is essentially no impact on the environment when cleaning with a CleanCore system.

Contact Information:
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CleanCore Technologies Sales Manager
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