ADT launches new Diamonox webpage to coincide with new product introduction

Romeoville, IL – Advanced Diamond Technologies (ADT), the world leader in developing and applying ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCD®) coatings, is proud to introduce two Diamonox® Ozone Technology systems. Both systems deliver the long-awaited promise of point-of-use ozone generation through electrolysis. Diamonox products will revolutionize ozonated disinfection by providing instant delivery of a precise amount of ozone in small, water-based devices that are cost-effective and durable. The introduction of these innovative technology platforms, which include inline industrial disinfection systems and portable ozone sprayers, coincides with the launch of ADT’s new ozone webpage:

“ADT’s Diamonox Ozone Technology is a breakthrough in ozonated disinfection,” said John Yerger, President and CEO of ADT. “By applying the high performance properties of UNCD to ozone generators, we are able to provide powerful disinfection in a durable, safe, responsible and cost-effective package.”

The ozonated water generated by Diamonox acts as a non-toxic biocide with minimal environmental impact. This cutting-edge technology overcomes disinfection challenges that other sterilizing agents cannot, while delivering significant cost savings.

ADT’s inline Diamonox Ozone Systems can be easily integrated into industrial equipment, such as on-premises-laundry and greenhouse watering systems, to significantly streamline and improve disinfection. These systems require only tap water and electricity to generate ozonated water, allowing operators to reduce biological contamination without the use of expensive or harmful chemicals.

ADT’s portable ozone sprayers are compact, mobile versions of the Diamonox Ozone Technology. The Diamonox Ozone Sprayer, engineered for mobility and rapid deployment, provides operators with the flexibility needed to quickly integrate ozone-based disinfection into multiple facets of their businesses. The ozone sprayers are easy to operate, and can be used in any area that faces disinfection challenges, such as restaurants, breweries, grocery stores, restrooms, locker rooms, and showers in sports facilities.

To learn more about how ADT’s new Diamonox Ozone Technology can improve the quality and efficiency of disinfection in your business, please visit

About Advanced Diamond Technologies

Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc. (ADT) is the world leader in developing and applying diamond films for electronic, mechanical, industrial and biomedical applications. ADT’s innovative UNCD® (ultrananocrystalline diamond) coating enables diamond — and its extreme properties — to integrate into a wide range of products. ADT has earned numerous honors for its revolutionary engineering material, including the 2011 R&D 100 Award for its RF MEMS Switch/CMOS Device.


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