Scientific Maintenance Corporation announces robot janitors are here and on their way to offices, schools and hospitals across the United States

Ed Selkow announced the launch of Scientific Maintenance Corporation, the world’s first robotic facility services company on Friday, September 25, 2015 at a meeting of the Tampa Innovation Alliance.

Selkow, who worked 40 years in the commercial cleaning and maintenance industry, has been interested in robotics since the 1980s when he attended a robotics convention, then publishing an article about robot janitors for a commercial real estate magazine.

Following the developments in robotic cleaning, he started a global networking group, Future Cleaning Technologies and published another article highlighting the current state of robotic technology in 2014.

While working as a consultant to the facility services industry, he assembled a team of experts from commercial real estate management, infection prevention and robotic engineering to reduce the cost of routine cleaning in office buildings, schools and hospitals.

“With the advent of technology enabled buildings, it simply means that robots will now join with current building cleaners and provide some daily services autonomously.  We have several companies from around the country who have expressed an interest in merging their operations with ours, in order to insure their own place in the future of the building cleaning and maintenance industry” according to Selkow.

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