Whether a company specializing in window cleaning or a division part of a larger cleaning organization, you’ll want to be there in February.
Isn’t it interesting to realize how much the cleaning industry has changed over the past 25 years? Looking back, cotton was the key wiping material, mopping a floor was ringing out a cotton string mop in a mop bucket and dusting was completed with a moist cotton towel. The leftover chemicals were poured in the drain without concern for the environment. Green was a color we used to express a turn in the seasons and what we use to call profit. Most if not all the work was done in house. The Internet was slow, and our cell phones were not very smart. 

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Today one of the keys to running a successful business and keeping it successful is having access to relevant and cutting-edge information. Blogs, forums, chat rooms, social media and the Internet have become ever-present sources of information used to stay on top of the mountain of challenges businesses face every day.

The International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) is offering an opportunity this February to discover what is available to the cleaning industry as a resource for reliable information pertaining to best practices in the window cleaning industry, plus having the latest and best in equipment and technology all under one roof. 

The 25th Annual IWCA Convention and Trade Show will be held at the famous Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee from February 12-15, 2014. Along with the full Trade Show which features the best equipment, manufacturers, vendors, distributors and technological developments in the industry, there will be a strong lineup of educational seminars designed to address topics that we all face in our businesses. Examples include:

1) Water-fed pole safety & hands-on demos.
2) A panel of certified window cleaning experts and Safety Trainers that will share a veritable wealth of information on high-rise safety and compliance.
3) Restoration of windows from mineral deposits- most, if not all of us deal with this issue at some point. Our clients expect us to know about it and how to solve it safely and effectively. This seminar gives what you need to be prepared to deliver.
4) How to increase your profits through adding power washing and roof cleaning to your arsenal of services. Your customers will appreciate being able to look to you for these additional services rather than calling someone else.
5) A detailed presentation of proper use of knots for rope descent work and how to properly tie back all of your rigging, whether it is chair work or suspended scaffolding.
6) An inside look at insurance policies- it’s a complicated world of coverage and choices, this seminar will cut through the complex language and help you understand what you really need to protect your operation.
7) Residential window cleaning has its own special brand of safety challenges, an expert will show you how to identify hazards and share solutions for staying safe.
8) OSHA- it’s a four letter word, but it’s one that can be a very helpful one to your business….bet that has you wondering how! Come hear how you can make this relationship work for your company.
9) Glass quality- this daily issue in a window cleaner’s work day is one that requires an understanding of the canvas on which we perform our art work. We allowed for double the time on this because there is so much to learn and apply!
10) Aerial lift Certification- This is a great opportunity to acquire not only a lift operator certification at a discounted price, but receive concentrated training from Sunbelt lift trainers. 

We will also be having fun events at the Convention; see if you will be the world’s fastest window cleaner in 2014….The record books may be open… if you are fast enough!

Come, be part of the celebration of the first 25 years of the IWCA, and plan to be part of the next 25 years!

Memphis is a great place to have fun, there’s lots of music, great food and culture to take in…we’ll see you there!

As you can see, there is a lot to benefit from attending the Convention and Trade Show! This is just the beginning of what the IWCA offers as a good viable resource to the cleaning industry. Register today at www.IWCA.org.

Mark Reinhart is the President-Elect of the International Window Cleaning Association. As owner of Award Window Cleaning Service in Greater Grand Rapids, MI, Mark has made best practices and safety his guide to success and growth.