How my years in an orphanage now drive my enthusiasm for the future of our ARCSI family – by Liz Trotter

I can’t believe it’s happening. First I’m excited they want us and all the opportunities, then I’m worried it will fall through, then I think they’re going to change their minds and decide they don’t want us, then I’m back to being excited again!

A Roller Coaster of Hope and Fear

The cycle is reminiscent of my orphanage and foster home years, strangely.  Only 7 years, but that cycle must have played in my head a hundred times. The fear could really get to you if you let it, it could be paralyzing – making me think it might just be better to stay put, don’t let anything change. I find myself there now, too. But what if they don’t treat us right? What if it’s worse than what it is now? What if we just get swallowed up whole and lose our identity altogether?

Enthusiasm that Shapes the Future

You never knew, from one day to the next what was going to happen. Is it time to get excited or not? My strategy was to ALWAYS get excited. To always think of brothers and sisters, white picket fences, and family pets. It must have worked for me because I’m doing it again. All I can think of is more access to better programs, lower registration fees, and the additional power and control. That was something that was hard to come by as an unwanted child and I put a lot of value on it now as an adult.

Broadening the ARCSI Family

As I look backward and forward I’m surprised and invigorated by the parallels. Because one thing that was true then and has proved true to me ever since, is that looking to the future with excitement, hope, and enthusiasm always got me a better result. So today I’m thinking about all of the extra people that are going to be added to our “family” and how we’re still going to be able to retain our own ARCSI identity, and how we will be stronger together, and all the new things we will learn and new experiences we will have!

I don’t remember the times that it didn’t work out but I remember the time it did – and that’s the time it mattered! We’re going to have such an awesome new life!

Liz Trotter is founder of American Maid Cleaning as well as an entrepreneur and leadership trainer based in Olympia, Washington.  She is also a former ARCSI board member, a partner in Cleaning Business Builders, and a charter member of Cleaning For A Reason