sponsoredA lightweight backpack vacuum cleans carpet twice as fast as an upright vacuum and cleans hard flooring three times as fast as a broom, but that is just the beginning. The ProTeam® ProVac® FS 6 comes with a power nozzle and kit of accessories that tackle detail cleaning. With the addition of a High Dusting Kit, residential cleaners can capture dust everywhere from the baseboards to the ceiling fans. Here’s how to detail clean every surface in a home using the ProVac backpack vacuum and accessories.


Use the Soft Dusting Brush to clean the tops of baseboards. Then, where the baseboard meets the floor, use the Crevice Tool to clean flush against the baseboards. This will prevent that line of dust at the edge where the vacuum powerhead doesn’t reach.

Upholstery and Drapes

For upholstered furniture, drapes, and seating, use the Upholstery Tool attachment. This tool is also useful for spot cleaning carpeting in hard-to-reach areas.


Almost all dusting tasks can be done with the Soft Dusting Brush. It gently removes dust and allergens from blinds, lampshades, and furniture. It can even be used to clean the tops and spines of books on bookshelves.


For an appliance’s hard surfaces and control panel, use the Soft Dusting Brush. For the cracks in between appliances and surrounding cabinetry, the Crevice Tool can reach into tight spaces and around corners.

Architectural details

Many home interiors are enhanced with architectural details like molding, paneling, and casing. These surfaces harbor dust and must be cleaned periodically. Use the Two-Piece Wand with the Soft Dusting Brush to clean architectural details within 60 inches of reach. For higher places, a High Dusting Kit with a Straight Extension Wand provides an extra 10 to 12 feet of reach.


Some sconces are within reach and some require an extension wand. Use the Soft Dusting Brush and the Curved Wand with a 135-degree bend to clean on top and inside of sconces. Use the Curved Wand with a 45-degree bend for the bottom of sconces.

Plant shelves

With a wider surface, plant shelves can be a major hiding place for allergens and asthma triggers. Use the 135-degree Curved Wand with the ProBlade® Hard Surface Tool to capture dust from the full surface of a plant shelf. Depending on the height of the shelf, you may need to add the straight extension wands. All of those pieces are in the deluxe High Dusting Kit.

Ceiling fans

Another use for the 135-degree bend is cleaning the tops of ceiling fan blades with the Soft Dusting Brush. For the center of the fan and the light fixture, a straight wand with Soft Dusting Brush will do the trick.

Fast and Effective Detail Cleaning

By adding the right ProTeam accessories to the ProVac FS 6 backpack vacuum, detail cleaning becomes faster and more thorough. The vacuum’s advanced filtration system captures and contains the dust and leaves a home feeling and smelling cleaner.

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