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“Bah, humbug!” A Contract Cleaner’s Holiday

When it comes to cleaning during the holidays, the time, money and quality of cleaning relate more to the load of possessions than to the size of a building.While most of the world delights in preparing for the upcoming holiday season, the contract cleaner might be justified in saying, “Bah, humbug!” Before you judge us [...]

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You Are Not Alone

Why should you come to the trade show? It’s the most comprehensive collection of the lessons from the past, the practices and successes of the present, and the outlook for the future of the industry and your business as part of it.How fortunate I feel to have spent my life working to bring “clean” the [...]

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Keep Your Hands in the Toilet!

The single biggest reason your proposals are read and reviewed It finally happens. That sizeable, much-needed account you’ve courted for years contacts you with a bid request. You spring into action, arming your best people with a polished, Sears Catalog-size proposal. It  includes every detail about your [EasyDNNnewsToken:Left Justify Embed 300 x 250] company – [...]

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Bigger Is Not Always Better

Expand your footprint cautiously and for the right reasons.Growth is central to the success of any business, but all too often owners confuse growth with size. They’re not the same. I’ve built five businesses from scratch, all in some way connected to the cleaning and maintenance industry. I could write a book about the do’s [...]

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High Tech Toiletism

Trust and respect will always trump technologyIN THE EARLY 1950s, WHEN I became a professional cleaner, there existed almost no information about how to do my job faster, better or cheaper…or how to enjoy it more. I remember reading one little magazine and never even saw a cleaning newsletter. There were a handful of professional [...]

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Livin' the Clean Life

One might think a small town in remote southern Idaho is a strange place to lead the charge in selling the world on the value of clean, but it is happening. In 1953, as a freshman in college, I discovered the perfect way to work one’s way through school was by becoming a professional cleaner. I started a little company that I later built into a national cleaning firm called Varsity Contractors.

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