For those marketing across as many platforms as possible, social media marketing may be eating more of your budget than you think.

Social Media as a marketing tool has grown into a monster of its own – with rules of its own. Before committing any more resources – time or money – to social media marketing, businesses would be wise to consider the following truths:

  • Not all social networks are created equal. Consider the types of people (target markets) of each social platform. Is that your target customer? If so, create a social media marketing plan that plays well on that platform and OWN IT!
  • Not every post you write is 100% optimized for every network you want to share it on. Hashtags and @tags often don’t translate to Facebook, and Facebook’s limitless wordcount won’t fit in a Tweet.
  • Not every network is best for your company. It’s hard to capture the experience of great service in a photo, so if you’re choosing to play on Pinterest, expect it to take some extra work on your part.

Here are two basic tips to develop and keep healthy your social media marketing:

  • Be authentic – remember that there are humans on the other end of that post, pin or tweet
  • Stay active – post when your target client is most likely to see it, like it, share it, repin it, and retweet it

And, as always, remember that social media is just one of many marketing outlets. Just because it’s free to open and operate an account doesn’t mean the time you spend marketing there is free as well.



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