Behind every great cleaning technician is a great cleaning product, and ACI is the association representing the producers of cleaning products for the US market, as well as the ingredient and packaging suppliers.

For every one of you who sprays a cleaner, wipes up a mess, pushes a mop, and scrubs up a stain for a living – and manages that business – the American Cleaning Institute says, “thank you.”

We know that, on a daily basis, thousands of businesses — large, medium and small – and their employees clean houses, apartments, offices, schools, hotels, hospitals and every other type of commercial operation in between.

ACI represents the companies who make the cleaning products and the ingredients that go in them and the packages in which they come to you.

For 87 years, we’ve been the home of the U.S. cleaning products industry, focusing our efforts on understanding the issues and needs of consumers and users of cleaning products, and addressing them by providing materials that encourage the safe, effective and responsible use of household and commercial cleaning products.

The theme of ACI’s 2014 Annual Meeting & Industry Convention is “Innovation Solutions for a Cleaner World.” ACI recognizes that our companies put an enormous amount of research, development and testing into the products you use before they ever hit the shelves or appear in the catalogues.

Working with experts from our member companies, ACI produces factsheets and in-depth materials on the proper and beneficial use of cleaning products. Some of these educational resources include:

  • Lifestyle strategies and cleaning practices for preventing the spread of cold and flu germs at home, work or school. Informational materials have been developed for health professionals and educators and consumers.
  • Joint industry/government programs to educate the public on proper handwashing, kitchen surface cleaning and other safe food handling practices.
  • Inter-industry efforts to publicize the proper use of high efficiency laundry detergents and appliances.

We invite you to visit ACI’s website to take a look at what we have to offer. Our “Clean Living” section in particular provides information on keeping you and your customers clean, safe and healthy at home, work and school.

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In the months to come, working with Cleaning Business Today, ACI will work to make sure this information is helpful to all of you.

Ernie Rosenberg is the President and CEO of The American Cleaning Institute and led the renaming and rebranding of the association in 2010.