What’s a good housekeeper to do to best minimize the dust levels?

Probably many of us would admit our houses would fail the white glove test thanks to a dusty shelf or coffee table. And definitely don’t look behind the refrigerator or under the couch. Dust just seems to find a home on almost every surface.
One of our Twitter followers says dust and dirt are constantly collecting near the base of the toilet at her house. So, what’s a good housekeeper to do to best minimize the dust levels?
Leave your shoes at the door
Not wearing shoes in the house really cuts down on the amount of dirt and dust particles that can collect near the toilet or anywhere else. Also placing mats at each door will help trap dirt, especially if you end up wearing shoes in the house or have shoe-wearing guests.
Check the vents
A nearby heating and air vent could be blowing a great deal of dust on certain areas (such as the base of the toilet). You might consider installing a deflector that can help redirect air flow. Also, make sure you change out your heating and air filters on a regular basis (probably four to six weeks). You also can invest in reusable filters that can be cleaned and replaced (that’s also a much more green option).
Good pet practices
If you have pets, it’s almost impossible to keep them from tracking in dirt from the outside. And, unless you have a hairless cat, your house is likely to have some pet dander. To minimize the hair and dirt, groom your pets regularly – brushing them and giving them regular baths. If you have long-haired pets, make sure they get a regular trim. If possible, try to wipe your pet’s paws after she has been outdoors. Or, if you have a really smart dog, teach him to wipe his feet at the door!
Suck it up
Invest in a good vacuum cleaner – one that has several levels of filtration that collects and traps dust and dirt particles. The last thing you want is to spend an hour dusting and then have your vacuum cleaner blow dust right back out onto your clean surface.
Other suggestions for cutting down on dust in your house? Post a comment and share your ideas.