House Cleaning Technician Certification

Examination update continues to improve the perception of professionalism for our industry One of the over-riding priorities of the ARCSI is elevating the role of the house cleaning technician in the eyes of the public – a feat that will help to shift the consumer purchasing lens from price to value. In fact, anything [...]

New competition from robotic floor mops

A new line of robotic mops complements the existing robotic sweepers.The Roomba® home robotic sweeper family has added a new member: the iRobot® Braava jet™ kitchen and bathroom maid. Yep, there's now a robotic mopper. While a new robotic sweeper will set you back north of $600, the robotic mopper retails new for around $150. For [...]

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CleanCore Products WoolSafe® Certified

Aqueous ozone system now certified safe for use in wool carpet and rug care.Omaha, NB - CleanCore® Technologies, manufacturers of aqueous ozone cleaning systems, announces the company has been approved and certified by the WoolSafe® Organization.  Based in Great Britain, WoolSafe is a worldwide organization devoted to promoting best practices when it comes to wool [...]

New Green Cleaning Solution Meets Rigorous Green Seal Standards

PathoSans electrolyzed water cleaning solution certified under Green Seal's GS-37 standardWHEATON, IL— PathoClean®, an Electrolyzed Water Cleaning Solution from technology leader PathoSans®, has been Certified under Green Seal's GS-37 Standard, meeting Green Seal's rigorous  Environmental Standard for Cleaning Products for Industrial and Institutional Use, based on reduced human and environmental toxicity and reduced volatile organic compound [...]

LEED Updates Impact This Winter's De-icers

Many of the de-icers [AB1] that previously met LEED requirements are no longer permissible. Los Angeles, CA - The Ashkin Group, the professional cleaning industry's leading advocate for Green and sustainable cleaning, is advising building owners and managers, jansan distributors and facility service providers that as of January 2015, LEED has redefined the requirements for LEED-compliant [...]

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Lessons from the California Drought: Cleaning Low-Flow and No-Flow Restroom Fixtures

Cleaning procedures are challenged as the California drought worsens; water use regulations change the classic methods for cleaning, disinfecting and odor control.It’s a funny thing about California. It seems for better or worse, a lot of trends start in that state before spreading around the country…and that applies to water usage too. With the current [...]

Considering the Customer When Bidding on Floorcare Work

This month's Powr-Flite Floorcare Troubleshooter identifies some of the different types of customers cleaning contractors might encounter when formulating bids for restorative floorcare.

Get This Tool Out of Your Caddy, Fast!

Feather dusters may seem traditional and even romantic as a cleaning tool, but they can cost you a lot of money – in the time it takes to use and maintain them properly.Sometimes we spend so much time looking at new (and old) tools to add to our arsenal of cleaning tools that we forget [...]

What’s Included in Your Regular Weekly Cleaning List?

Whether you call it your “What We Do” list or you get technical with a Scope of Work, what’s on your base weekly cleaning task list for each client? Vote and see results immediately!From “standard” tasks to specialty add-ons, the list of possible cleaning tasks can vary in length. That’s what creates variety and competition, [...]

Don’t Pout About Dirty Grout, Part 2 of 2

Exploring “natural” grout cleaning methods In Part 2 of “Don’t Pout about Dirty Grout,” I am exploring the lowest impact chemical options (sometimes called “green” or “natural” cleaning solutions) for cleaning and whitening grout as well as protective options for keeping grout clean longer between cleanings. Review Part 1 here. There are many powerful grout [...]

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