National Labor Group Calls for Equal Benefits for W2 and 1099 Workers

The National Employment Law Project asserts that policymakers should make portable benefits required for all companies.In the face of rampant employee misclassification, one labor group - The National Employment Law Project - recommends that, instead of confusing things with another class of employees, policymakers extend common employee benefits to 1099 contractors. This could remove much [...]

Breaking News: Porch Guarantees Contractors' Work

Online home service marketplace Porch ups the ante in the online and on-demand Home Services race.In an unprecedented move, Porch announced yesterday that it now guarantees the work of its verified professional contractors up to $1000. While Porch has not disclosed the exact procedure for certifying professionals as "verified," CEO Matt Ehrlichman identified the following [...]

Can Small and Large Service Businesses Provide an On-demand "Feel" with Employees?

Explore this challenge and more at the ARCSI Workforce Innovation Summit and ISSA Trade Show.In the services industry at large – cleaning is just one type of service – every business owner is simultaneously managing two significant “inputs”: clients and technicians. And based on the association discussions and various mastermind groups, service-based small businesses are [...]

8 Ways to Get More Out of Millennial Employees

No matter which Millennial problem you’re having, these 8 management actions will help you get the results you’re looking for.In our continuing discussion on blending and meeting the needs of different generations of workers in the workplace – in cleaning companies – we look in this segment on two different perspectives on the ways to [...]

New Overtime Rule Will Cost You Money

If your staff make less than $1000/week, you'll now have to pay them overtime - even salaried employees.If a new overtime pay rule proposed by the President and presented by the US Department of Labor on Tuesday, June 30th, is adopted, cleaning business owners will be looking at an even more complex compensation calculation system [...]

5 Ways 1099 Employees Cost You Money

Despite the promise of financial savings with independent contractors, the majority of cleaning companies classify their technicians as employees to build and protect their brand reputation. One of the hardest decisions any small business owner will make is the decision to hire and how to hire. Whether you’re just starting out, have a few years [...]

Look Who's Talking Cleaning in the Last Year

CBT new contributors among the best and brightest in the industryNew Contributors In the past 12 months, we hav added 21 new contributors to our ever-growing list. We reach out every day to new experts in all aspects of both cleaning and business to ensure that you are getting the best information possible – all [...]

On-demand Service Opportunities Increasing Exponentially

It seems to be happening all at once - an explosion of new and bigger on-demand platforms by Amazon and Google disrupting innovators like Homejoy and Uber. In late March, Amazon officially launched Amazon Home Services, its new platform enabling the search, comparison, and convenient online booking of various home services, including cleaning and maid [...]

Top 10 Stories from Our 2nd Year

From Success Profiles to Infographics to Breaking News, find out what caught the most eyes and spawned the most comments in the past year!1. Success Stories: Kyle Walker, Real World Services Youngest cleaning business owner launched his company at age 15 and hit his first million dollar revenue year at age. UPDATE: Since we last spoke with [...]

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