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Culture: Compete for the best employees and win

Q & A with David Kiser There are lots of reasons why people hire a specific residential cleaning service, but only two reasons why they fire one: (1) poor cleaning quality, or (2) something else. Which is to say that cleaning companies commonly lose business for things that go wrong that have nothing to [...]

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Service Trends: Cleaning for an aging population

6 reasons to understand how the aging brain affects our interactions with senior customers One out of five U.S. families is dealing with dementia today. In 15 years one out of two families will be dealing with dementia.[i] Whether serving a multi-generational household or a couple of 65+ empty nesters, cleaning companies will encounter [...]

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House Cleaning Technician Certification

Examination update continues to improve the perception of professionalism for our industry One of the over-riding priorities of the ARCSI is elevating the role of the house cleaning technician in the eyes of the public – a feat that will help to shift the consumer purchasing lens from price to value. In fact, anything [...]

Creating a Green Culture in Your Cleaning Company

Becoming a green cleaning company means much more than simply changing your chemistries. A true green-cleaning program includes modified processes, personnel training and specialized equipment and products. This holistic approach involves implementing green throughout your entire company. Every organizational discipline should be evaluated so that the efforts of every part of your company support the ultimate business goals that you define for going green. To reap the many rewards of becoming a green cleaning company requires careful, strategic change management.

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Unsung Traits

Every entrepreneur hopes to build a million dollar-plus business. Most are determined, resourceful and energetic. They’ve read extensively about what it takes to succeed in business and their specific industry. Some have even learned how to put together a formal business plan and get funded. They’re willing to work hard to grow their business to the point where they can hire others to oversee day-to-day operations. They look forward to leading strategically while enjoying the flex hours and perks of ownership. To turn aspirations into reality, though, entrepreneurs must not forget about the much less glamorous task of establishing the good business habits that will be foundational to their success. As someone who helps entrepreneurs in the cleaning industry build profitable, ultimately marketable businesses, I’ve observed a few “unsung” traits that point to entrepreneurial success:

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