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ARCSI Launches Online Learning Platform for Residential Cleaning Professionals

The Association of Residential Cleaning Services International, more commonly known as ARCSI has just announced its brand new learning and training portal, ARCSI Learning. This platform is for residential cleaning companies who want to improve their business and their employees' safety. ARCSI Learning's major attraction is the PHC or the Professional House Cleaning Certification. [...]

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ISSA Online Convention is Different, but Still Great

This episode of Smart Business Moves brings on CEO and Co-founder of MGN Commerical Cleaning and Maximaids, Karina Neff. She is also the chairman of the convention committee for ARCSI. In this episode, Karina goes into detail about the specifics of the ISSA 2020 Convention, including the schedule of events and a few names [...]

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Yelp Adds Racism Warning

If you get on Yelp, you might notice a strange notification pop up for certain businesses. Yelp is now implementing a “Racism Button” on businesses accused of racial intolerance or “overtly racist actions” as it is mentioned on their website.  What does this mean for the average business using Yelp to gain customers? Well, hopefully, nothing. [...]

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On The Spot: Your Questions, Answered

This episode of Smart Business Moves was a very entertaining edition of On The Spot. These episodes are slightly different from the average Smart Business Moves. In these episodes, the audience asks questions live on Facebook and each person has one minute to answer. This week Denisse Baker joins the gang to answer your questions [...]

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How To Build Up The Cleaning Industry

Former ARCSI veteran Chris Zimmer joins Smart Business Moves to bring us some very interesting and informative knowledge. Currently, Chris is in the building trade where she works in marketing and communications. Chris and the gang talk about how professionalism in this business is essential for this industry to grow. If every cleaning business [...]

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Why You Should Hire An Expert Cleaning Service To Check Your Home

A house is an important investment, which is why you should exert time and effort in taking care of it. Regardless of the materials used and the price tag of your home, don’t expect that it’ll last for years on its own. It’s your responsibility as a homeowner to keep your property clean to [...]

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Home Cleaning Tips: How To Clean Your Roofing

You probably have experienced some type of damage to your roof over the years. Although you can always call pros to have your roof repaired or replaced, it’s vital that you also know how to properly clean your roofing on your own. Maintenance is key to ensuring that your roof stays functional for years. [...]

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From IT to Cleaning Business Owner: David Liu

This episode of Smart Business Moves brings on David Liu, a cleaning business owner out of California. in this episode, David shares his strange journey from his corporate beginnings, to his current cleaning company gigs. This video is not only great for anyone who has interest in starting their own business, but  also for up [...]

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