2018 ISSA Leadership Summit, April, 19-21, brings in major talent with messages to turbocharge your CEO skills

Update: This event has already taken place.

The most important job in your company is yours, the CEO.  We have a rare opportunity in April to dedicate two days to hear from three professional speakers who work with the world’s best companies on how to be the CEO your company needs you to be. It would be hard to overstate the level at which these three speakers perform. ARCSI, a Division of ISSA, has scored a major coup in obtaining this line-up of quality talent. For example the first speaker at the podium, Jeff Haden, is touted by his book publisher, Penguin Random House, as being Inc. Magazine’s most popular columnist. If anything, that’s an understatement. Often when Jeff writes an article, millions of people read it. He was one of 200 business experts asked by LinkedIn to contribute articles before the platform allowed the public to post articles at all. The other names lined up to speak at the summit—Chris Trendler and Marcus Sheridan—are no less impressive. So in the days and weeks leading up to the event in Tuscon, we encourage you to take a closer look at these three experts. Preview their books with the links provided, take the five-minute assessment from the CEO Genome, and strongly consider attending the 2018 ISSA Leadership Summit. It will be time and money well spent.

Jeff Haden 

What You Can Learn from Iconic Business Leaders
Friday, April 20, 2018
9:15 AM – 11:30 AM

What are the qualities, attributes, strategies, and daily activities top business use to set them apart? Learn the “little things” that set the top dogs apart and you can embrace as a business owner or manager.
There is a popular misconception that leadership in a successful company requires a “big moment”. The reality is a lot less dramatic and much more doable. In the first presentation of the 2018 ISSA Leadership Summit, Jeff Haden will show you how to structure training, achieve success in small steps, and find practical ways how to get things done.

Jeff Haden is Inc. Magazine’s most popular columnist. He’s a speaker, LinkedIn Influencer, and the author of The Motivation Myth, a new book from Penguin Random House.
He has also ghostwritten over 50 non-fiction books, including seven Amazon category #1s. Jeff speaks out of experience. He worked for over twenty years in manufacturing and managed a plant with a staff of a thousand. He’ll share insights from the mistakes he made and lessons he learned.

Chris Trendler 

Four Key Leadership Traits, from the CEO Genome Project
Friday April 20
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Learn the 4 key leadership traits shared by top performing 
CEO’s, and how you can make them work in your business. A decade’s worth of research went into the CEO Genome Project, an effort to identify the characteristics that define high-performing chief executives. What are the pivot points the top performers have in common and how can you make them work in your business? What kind of CEO are you? Take this quiz from ceogenome.com and learn if you have the 4 essential behaviors of a successful CEO.

Great leaders know that success requires finding “A players” for their roles. The ghSMART A Method for hiring outlines how the world’s most successful managers go about the daunting tasks of hiring, developing and keeping great people. It is based on ghSMART’s extensive research into the selection and management practices of over 17,000 executives. In the keynote, participants will learn:

  • How the A Method can enable you to hire with a 90% success rate and how these principals can be used to manage talent on an ongoing basis.
  • How to build a Scorecard to define “A” performance for a role.
  • How to Source candidates from the most attractive talent streams.
  • How to Select “A Players” from the best candidates, using the Who interview and other selection techniques.
  • How to Sell “A Players” on joining the company.
  • How to Implement these tools and techniques in a reliable, scalable fashion.

The keynote includes a significant amount of participant interaction, including live demonstrations of the interview techniques, hands-on exercises, and simple takeaway tools and templates that can be used to maximize value creation and personal career success.

Chris Trendler is a consultant at ghSMART where he serves leaders in private-equity-backed and public companies on their most critical talent decisions. During his tenure at ghSMART, he has successfully led projects in organization and team development, CEO succession, and human capital due diligence. He is also a coach to senior leaders working on their professional development.

Marcus Sheridan 

The Game Has Changed: How Today’s Buyer has Changed and What Your Business Must Do About It
Saturday, April 20
9:15 AM – 10:30 AM

Consumer buying patterns have changed due to shifts in technology.  Learn how to 
align your company’s buying patterns with the changing buying patterns of the “digital consumer”.

More than any other time in the last 100 years, the buyer of today has made a dramatic shift in the way they make purchasing decisions. Unfortunately, many companies haven’t adapted to this shift and are ill prepared for the continual evolution of this “digital consumer.” Sheridan brings clarity to the way buyers have changed and exactly what companies must do to not only align themselves with this shift in buyer patterns but take advantage of the digital age as well.

In 2001 and fresh out of college, Marcus Sheridan stumbled across his first business with two friends and began installing swimming pools out of the back of a beat-up pickup truck. Nine years later, and with the help of incredible innovations through inbound and content marketing, Sheridan’s company overcame the collapse of the housing market and became one of the largest pool installers in the US and currently has the most visited swimming pool web site in the world… River Pools and Spas.  With such success, in late 2009, Sheridan started his sales/marketing/and personal development blog—The Sales Lion and has since grown The Sales Lion brand to be synonymous with inbound and content marketing excellence while being featured in multiple industry publications, including the New York Times where he was referred to as a “web marketing guru.” 

Marcus is also the author of They Ask, You Answer, the #1 Marketing Book to read in 2017 by Mashable.

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