Retail giant bucks tech industry trend by hiring employees in pilot program

Reports from Bloomberg and Business Insider indicate that Amazon has shifted direction in its latest foray into the $16 Billion residential cleaning market. The company has a new pilot program in Seattle, Amazon Home Assistants, which hires cleaners as regular employees, not as 1099 independent contractors. Services can include cleaning, trash removal, laundry, and dishes.

The move to hire cleaning technicians gives the company more control over training, quality, and the products used. The Amazon Home Assistants website states,
“All our technicians are Amazon employees who are trained professionals. If you’d rather be at a park than vacuuming or seeing a concert rather than folding laundry we can help. We use 100% eco-friendly and kid-safe cleaning products which are rated 4 stars and above on Amazon. All our services are backed by our happiness guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll come back and fix any problems.”

Other acquisitions that may help Amazon embed itself in the home services market are
Amazon Key—which allows homeowners to give home access to service workers remotely—and Ring, a smart doorbell startup that the company agreed to purchase last month for around $1 Billion.

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