There are hacks these days for everything—mom hacks, blogger hacks, gardening hacks but almost everyone could use a few cleaning hacks for keeping their home from becoming a flurry of mess and madness. Here are five simple hacks for getting your home looking brand new again:

#1. Start Small

Setting and conquering small cleaning goals will make you feel accomplished and give you momentum to achieving larger and more in-depth cleaning. Don’t expect to clean the garage, reorganize the basement and cook a homemade dinner all in the same day. Be realistic and start with tiny tasks.

#2. Clean in Bits and Pieces

Cleaning in small chunks—i.e. putting away clothes, cleaning the kitchen cabinets one afternoon or washing the dishes will help lead to bigger cleaning accomplishments and ultimately help the bigger picture.

#3. Give Away Party

Never underestimate the value in tossing, trashing and donating towards the bigger goal of cleaning a house. Getting rid of unwanted and unused items will help to keep the house neater and less cluttered.

#4. Don’t Gripe…Wipe

Using antibacterial wipes for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, doorknobs and other surfaces will be a speedy way to conquer a variety of cleaning challenges and make the house an oasis of clean.

#5. Family Involvement

Making everyone a part of the cleaning strategy will help get and keep the house sparkling. With everyone on board, cleaning tasks will be completed more efficiently and frequently.

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