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Deep Dive: Dealing with Theft

Many cleaning companies are confronted with theft accusations. How these complex situations are handled can be crucial to ongoing success.

When in doubt, use emotional intelligence

In the cleaning industry we can find several instances where emotional intelligence can make or break a moment.

WAXIE Sanitary Supply recognized for commitment to promoting gender equality

San Diego company receives special award at ISSA Hygieia Network’s 2016 award ceremony

Hotel cleaners receive $1.9M payout

Hotel cleaners receive $1.9M payout

Aussie company hit with massive payout judgement

Holiday tipping hassles and how to avoid them

8 factors that could turn your clients' generosity into an employee squabble

Dealing with theft, part 3

Dealing with theft, part 3

Preparing your employees for police involvement and a polygraph

What’s the best way to pay your employees?

The pros and cons of hourly vs commission, plus compensation plans in between - by Derek Christian

The top 3 online platforms for cleaning companies to recruit employees

Finding quality people requires an online marketing plan that leverages effective recruiting tools.

How will the new DOL overtime rule affect your business?

How will the new DOL overtime rule affect your business?

White House increases overtime eligibility by millions

Protecting your business from employment lawsuits

Insurance that protects a business from claims made by job applicants, current employees, and former employees.

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