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3 secrets to better recruiting ads on Craigslist

Get better qualified applicants and more of them by changing your hiring mindset

How to get the greatest benefit from backpack vacuums

Education and training are required to ensure proper use and maximum benefit.

Getting found with Google+ and SEO

One quick, effective, marketing secret that can grow your business for free

Ladybug winners announced: an Iowa green cleaning company and a teacher and young adult author

Advanced Vapor Technologies and Cleaning Business Today reveal the winners of the Ladybug Giveaway.

3 companies use steam vapor cleaning to make more money – and win a free Ladybug

One amazing before-and-after photo is all it takes to win a FREE steam vapor disinfection system and start making more money cleaning.

2 Ways to Win the Best Disinfection System Available for Your Cleaning Business

30 days to find your best “horrible” mess to win a free ADVAP Ladybug 2300 in our Before-and-After photo giveaway

Targeting Veterans: How The Cleaning Authority Accurately Markets Franchise Opportunities to Veterans

To grow the business, one franchise builds and markets a brand built on systems to target owner/operators who thrive on systems.

Neatfreak Cleaning Company Saves Hours of Administrative Work Just by Using Jobber

Before Jobber: hours spent on invoicing, payment, and scheduling. After Jobber: managing clients, teams, and schedules is a breeze… and time-saving!

Saving Money in 3 Simple Steps

Quit struggling with payment collections and cancellations with these three money-saving and money-making tips.

From Solo Cleaner to CEO of My Company

There’s a big difference between being a business owner and being a cleaner.

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