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Employee Life Cycle part 1: Recruiting

Refocus your marketing efforts on employee recruiting and build your culture and employee retention programs.

4 factors squeezing the employment marketplace

Employees: How to find them, screen them, hire them, train them, and keep them?

Case Study: 3 Broads and a Broom

Award-Winning Cleaning Service Trusts ProTeam Backpack Vacuums

How to deal with accusations of theft, part 4

The lie detector test is just part of the process and a way to remove the cloud of doubt that always follows a theft complaint.

How to deal with accusations of theft, part 3

From the day they are hired, we warn our employees that eventually they will probably be accused of taking something.

How to deal with accusations of theft, part 2

3 compelling reasons why you should get the police involved

How to deal with accusations of theft, part 1

When dealing with the client, your employees, and the police, it's important to have a process ready.

2 ways to raise your rates

Raising prices can seem like it will cost you clients, but it can be the secret to growing your business.

Raise your rates now!

It goes back to a fundamental rule of economics, the law of supply and demand.

Have you ever heard of a TAT apology?

Check out how we turned this very upset client into a referral machine.

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