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2 ways to raise your rates

Raising prices can seem like it will cost you clients, but it can be the secret to growing your business.

Raise your rates now!

It goes back to a fundamental rule of economics, the law of supply and demand.

Have you ever heard of a TAT apology?

Check out how we turned this very upset client into a referral machine.

How to sell services to the new urban consumer

Serving these consumers is a big opportunity, but requires you to think through their needs & your business model.

Are you trapped in the office?

Give your staff a sandbox they can play in.

The who, what, when, where & why of terminating an employee

We don’t want to let people go, but sometimes we have to.

How to prepare for the back-to-school surge

Why you should start recruiting now, even if it doesn’t look like you need more cleaners.

3 things to train your employees so they avoid an explosive situation

Make sure your cleaning techs are familiar with precautions for homes with natural gas.

An attendance policy that actually works!

Get a handle on call-outs with a policy that's simple, fair & effective.

3 ways to keep your employees healthier and happier in hot weather

Beat the heat with this “summer heat employee manual”

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