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Building an Automated Cleaning Business

The systems and processes Roman uses to expand his maid service without sacrificing friends, family, or time

Employee Life Cycle part 4 - The invitation to interview

The big secret to eliminating no-shows to interviews

Employee Life Cycle part 3 - Screening Applicants

Keep this stage of the recruiting process quick and easy for both the applicant and the employer.

Employee Life Cycle part 1: Recruiting

Refocus your marketing efforts on employee recruiting and build your culture and employee retention programs.

4 factors squeezing the employment marketplace

Employees: How to find them, screen them, hire them, train them, and keep them?

Case Study: 3 Broads and a Broom

Award-Winning Cleaning Service Trusts ProTeam Backpack Vacuums

How to deal with accusations of theft, part 4

The lie detector test is just part of the process and a way to remove the cloud of doubt that always follows a theft complaint.

How to deal with accusations of theft, part 3

From the day they are hired, we warn our employees that eventually they will probably be accused of taking something.

How to deal with accusations of theft, part 2

3 compelling reasons why you should get the police involved

How to deal with accusations of theft, part 1

When dealing with the client, your employees, and the police, it's important to have a process ready.

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