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When-Where-How to Find New Cleaning Products

If your labor costs so much more than your products and supplies, why does it matter what you use?

Get This Tool Out of Your Caddy, Fast: Sponges

The low cost and absorption power of sponges may be outweighed by the time and risk of decontaminating them properly between jobs.

Get This Tool Out of Your Caddy, Fast!

Feather dusters may seem traditional and even romantic as a cleaning tool, but they can cost you a lot of money – in the time it takes to use and maintain them properly.

10 Hidden Benefits of No-Chemical Cleaning

Not requiring the use of chemicals is just one of the benefits of no-chemical cleaning.

Would You Try A High-Tech Toilet Brush?

Loogun is the modern alternative to the toilet brush.

10 Tips on Safe Floor Refinishing

Floor refinishing can be complicated and many cleaning professionals overlook the fact that it can also be dangerous.

Top 5 On-demand Maid Services Toronto

Online house cleaning services in Toronto make booking an appointment a snap.

Protect Outdoor Workers with OSHA Heat Safety Tool

Prevent heat-related illness with this free app.

Executive Instability at Homejoy Continues

Executive Instability at Homejoy Continues

Two executives have resigned from Homejoy in the past 5 months.

The Organizing Opportunity

Don’t clean around the clutter; add professional organizing to your list of services.

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ARCSI Skyscraper May 2017