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Packaged Facts: The sweet "smell" of success for green household cleaners

Packaged Facts: The sweet "smell" of success for green household cleaners

It has now become common for green cleaner marketers to offer products in numerous scents.

House Cleaning Technician Certification

House Cleaning Technician Certification

Examination update continues to improve the perception of professionalism for our industry

The BIG SECRET to hiring the right first employee

6 steps to make hiring easier and less scary - by Liz Trotter

Licensure and government grades to enhance maid agency regulation

Singapore maid agencies must meet new quality measures from consumers and the government to renew licenses.

Ladybug winners announced: an Iowa green cleaning company and a teacher and young adult author

Advanced Vapor Technologies and Cleaning Business Today reveal the winners of the Ladybug Giveaway.

Top 15 Stories of CBT’s Third Year

Even as we’re planning articles more than halfway through our fourth year, we reflect on the new shape of the cleaning industry in the past year.

Common Questions about Aqueous Ozone Cleaning Technology

How does it work? Is it safe? What happens to the residue?

Lessons from the California Drought: Cleaning Low-Flow and No-Flow Restroom Fixtures

Cleaning procedures are challenged as the California drought worsens; water use regulations change the classic methods for cleaning, disinfecting and odor control.

When-Where-How to Find New Cleaning Products

If your labor costs so much more than your products and supplies, why does it matter what you use?

Get This Tool Out of Your Caddy, Fast: Sponges

The low cost and absorption power of sponges may be outweighed by the time and risk of decontaminating them properly between jobs.

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