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Handy Expands UK Services to Animal Fostering and Pest Control

Handy Expands UK Services to Animal Fostering and Pest Control

In the UK, Handy's Mouser service invites residents to foster a shelter cat as part of a pest and rodent control option.

Lakewood, WA Loses Two Pets to Carpet Cleaner

The “Almost Perfect” Vacuum: Top Recommended Vacuums for Residential Cleaning Services

Solve your vacuum conundrum with these guidelines about uprights, canisters, backpacks and handheld models, PLUS download the 2014 Report on Professional Vacuums for Residential Cleaning Services.

Nature’s Cleaners: Enzyme Basics

With even green cleaning products’ safety still in question, many cleaning companies are turning to nature’s cleaners: the enzyme.

Choosing the Right Professional Vacuum

Professional models of vacuums offer the quality, power and longevity to save your company money and deliver amazing cleaning service.

17 Clean April Fool’s Pranks

You know cleaning is a serious business when April Fool’s pranks like these keep us laughing for years.

Surface and Safe Cleaning Choices Grow Every Year – Are You Keeping Up?

New materials for homes and businesses create new cleaning challenges for technicians, while old cautions against the use of acidic cleaners and rinses gain a stronger voice.

Infographic - Pet Hair Removal: Tips of the Trade

"Pet owners love their pets, but not the hair," said Derek Christian, owner and founder of My Maid Service. "We've discovered some tips that work really well."

Playing Hide and Seek with Snowball the Cat

A quick game breaks up an otherwise normal day cleaning homes.

Acids Can Work For You or Against You [Download]

For more scientific detail about acids and cleaning, download this handy worksheet.

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