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US Department of Labor Issues Guidelines for Classifying Independent Contractors vs Employees

DOL document gives specific examples of when a cleaning company should classify its workers as employees.

Being Green Means Knowing Your Chemical Footprint

"Chemical Footprint Project" takes first steps toward a new international consensus with leading companies and investors.

New Overtime Rule Will Cost You Money

If your staff make less than $1000/week, you'll now have to pay them overtime - even salaried employees.

Top 5 Employee Hiring, Training, and Tracking Tools

An investment in hiring strong employees, training and coaching them into skilled technicians and customer service agents, and continuously engaging them through the goals of your company is essential for business growth.

What’s Included in Your Regular Weekly Cleaning List?

Whether you call it your “What We Do” list or you get technical with a Scope of Work, what’s on your base weekly cleaning task list for each client? Vote and see results immediately!

5 Ways 1099 Employees Cost You Money

Despite the promise of financial savings with independent contractors, the majority of cleaning companies classify their technicians as employees to build and protect their brand reputation.

6 Processes Your Cleaning Business Should Automate This Summer

For a first foray into technology-supported automation, these common processes in a cleaning business are a great place to start.

New Scholarship Program for Cleaning Technician Certifications

IICRCA Offers Scholarship to North American IICRC Certified Firms

Forecast Flooding: Safety Tips for Cleaning Professionals

Forecast Flooding: Safety Tips for Cleaning Professionals

Due to climate change...storms will become "more intense and more frequent" in other parts of the U.S.

6 Books for Getting More Done in Less Time

Cross more things off of your to-do list; delegate to others; improve productivity and efficiency.

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