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CBO Charged with Identity Theft over Online Reviews

One CBO's lesson on how NOT to handle bad online reviews.

Employee Drug Policies Continue to Exclude Medicinal and Recreational Marijuana Use

Despite legalization, marijuana smoking and influence remains a banned practice at work.

Guess the Average Number of Days Off Per Injured Worker

OSHA reveals "days away from work" for house cleaners, janitors, and other service jobs.

OSHA-required employer safety updates for 2016

Deadline June 1 to update safety training, labeling, and chemical handling protocols to comply with GHS.

OHSA Makes Injury Reporting Easier - and Digital

Report workplace injuries faster and more accurately using OSHA's new reporting webpage.

9 Questions with a Cleaning Business Insurance Expert

What you don't know about business insurance for the cleaning industry could save you a lot of time and money.

3 Ways My Business is Better Today Than a Year Ago

Major change requires checking progress and making adjustments as needed.

3 Ways Pay-as-You-Go Workers’ Compensation Can Help Your Cleaning Business Save Money

In the residential cleaning industry, it is difficult for many business owners to anticipate payroll 12 months ahead of time.

Breaking the Cleaning Equipment Buying Habit

When you are in the market for a new floor machine—or any other type of cleaning equipment—stop the rote buying and check out alternative systems.

3 Tips for Making Better Product Choices

Making your purchasing decisions based on all three of the main considerations – price, availability, and user acceptance – will make your next product transition easier on everyone involved.

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